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Senior Living Utah

Enjoying The Golden Years

As we age and get closer to those twilight years of our life, our needs and reliance on others increase.  Senior Living facilities in Utah offer individuals the possibility of being taken care of by a team of trained professionals.  At River Meadows, though, independence is something that one is able to maintain.  River Meadows offers seniors a choice.  Our residents can opt for one of our unique cottages, where you will feel like your home was moved – not you – to a beautiful area nestled against the scenic mountains of Alpine, Utah.  They can also choose a more full service option with our Assisted Living facility, which will help those seniors whose needs are greater and require more assistance with the daily activities.  There is something for everyone at River Meadows, which also helps to make one’s twilight years the best they can possibly be.


Independent Living

Not everyone who explores River Meadows is going to need assistance with their day-to-day activities.  Independent living is for those seniors who are capable of maintaining their own lives or may only need help with a few things.  We offer a unique senior living experience with our cottages.  These cottages offer an option for those seniors looking for somewhere comfortable to live that still feels like home.  There are several floor plans available so personal taste and preference can be accounted for as well.


Assisted Living

Assistance is offered for a number of daily living activities.  These include things like dressing, bathing, personal grooming, and things like medication management.  All our assisted living seniors are given an emergency response system.  This is a system designed for those emergencies that come up in life and are unforeseeable.  If our resident pushes that button someone will respond immediately – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Assisted Living also helps our residents maintain a more active lifestyle.  On site we have a Senior Fitness Club focused on activities and exercises that will improve our residents’ mobility and health.


Activities and Amenities

At River Meadows, our residents can take advantage of a whole range of activities and amenities every day of the week.  There are lunch outings, so that our residents can get off the grounds and be exposed to some new surroundings.  We also offer other exciting events throughout the week to keep our residents stimulated and happy.  Movie nights, bingo tournaments, musical performances, and guest lecturers are some of the options of which our seniors have the opportunity to take advantage.  These events also give our residents the opportunity to socialize and make lasting friendships.


Ask any of our residents or their families and they will tell you that River Meadows has something to offer everyone.  Residents rest secure that they are well looked after with plenty of activities to keep them occupied and happy.  Families are happy knowing their loved one is safe and well taken care of.  So come take a look at what River Meadows has to offer.  We know you won’t be disappointed.